AVATAR is a Windows PC application (Windows 7 32-bit compatible) written in Visual Basic and offers redundancy as data is stored on the sales stations in Access and to an SQL database on the server. If an unforeseen event causes your server to go down, the sales stations can continue to operate stand-alone until the server is up and running, at which time the sales stations will update the Server with new sales data. We also include a built-in backup utility that will allow you to store your SQL or Access database online via Dropbox, a free Web-based file hosting service.

All of our AVATAR Modules come with free online installation, online training and support for one year from your purchase date. Annual support contracts are optional and include free upgrades which are available as a download from our website anytime during the contract period. We encourage our clients to make suggestions on ways to improve our software, and usually implement those enhancements at no additional cost if it will be of benefit to the majority of users.

FCS will help you decide what hardware configurations will suit your facility and offers competitive pricing on peripherals such as printers, cash drawers, pole displays and scanners.